5 items you need poolside this summer

With summer here it’s time to make the most of your pool area. These 5 simple tips will enhance the functionality and appearance of your poolside this summer, so that you can enjoy it to its maximum potential, no matter what the occasion!

1. Comfortable daybeds for a luxury pool experience

Poolside Items 05
Our Burleigh Daybeds are generously proportioned for ultimate poolside comfort

No pool is complete without comfortable daybeds poolside. When choosing a daybed, look for well-made pieces with componentry that can withstand the wet environment. Clarify your needs for a daybed. Do you want the daybed to be easily moveable so you can follow the sun? Would you prefer the extra comfort of a cushion? If you’re opting for a daybed with a cushion, look for one made of quick dry foam and with removable covers of quality outdoor fabric.

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2. Effective shade to allow you to maximise your time poolside

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Umbrellas are an effective solution to shade you from the harsh rays | North Residence – Burleigh

If you’re planning to spend most of your summer days poolside, you’ll need adequate shade to retreat to. One of the most effective and versatile shade options is an umbrella. Not only are they an inexpensive form of shade, but they can also be easily moved around the pool. If you’re looking for a more permanent shade solution, consider building a pergola structure with a translucent roof or simply covered with a creeper for a more natural look.

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3. Natural foliage to complement your pool design

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Foliage can add life to your poolside space | Harrisons Landscaping

Arranging plants beside your pool can enhance the look and feel of your entire outdoor space. They can also provide shade, privacy and form a stronger connection with the rest of your garden. Depending on your pool area, you can add natural foliage along the perimeter or by planting up a cluster of attractive pots. And while some plants can mean more pool maintenance, there are plenty of varieties that will add appeal without the high upkeep.

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4. Easy seating that will weather well

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Our Jan Juc® dining setting provides easy, casual poolside living

For those with space for a dining or seating area poolside, you’ll want to ensure the setting is well suited for the environment. Opt for easy seating such as benches that can accommodate several people and wet bums. As with the daybeds, look for outdoor furniture that is built of componentry that will wear well with exposure to water and harsh pool chemicals.

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5. Attractive lighting that will enhance poolside aesthetics

Both 62553 EcoOutdoor
Featuring Eco Outdoor Chalford Limestone and Endicott Cobblestones

In addition to the lighting inside your pool, it’s well worth installing lighting around the perimeter of your pool area. Not only will lighting improve the functionality and safety of your outdoor space, but it can also enhance the aesthetics. Lighting can be used to highlight feature elements of your pool such as a water feature,  stone wall or sculpture, or draw attention your attention to surrounding foliage. A well-lit pool area will also enable you to take in your garden and pool from inside your home in the evening.

Take a look at this lighting guide for more inspiration. 

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