Go back to the future with our Cobblestone range. Extremely dense and hard-wearing cobblestones effortlessly recreate an old-world look and historic charm with materials such as granite, porphyry and Bluestone. Traditionally used as a hard road surface, this robust material has seen a renewed application in the contemporary context, becoming a sought-after design feature and textural element in modern architecture.

Cobblestones offer that distinctive homecoming sense of arrival as one leaves the road and returns to the sanctuary of home.
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What are cobblestones?

Cobblestones are a small format paver with a textured finish, with a tactility that provides traction on steep surfaces and incredibly forgiving colour variations that tolerate marks and staining. They’re a very strong option for any application, as heavy loads can be spread over several units.

Pendell Cobblestone

How do we offer them?

Our Cobblestone range includes colours, stone types, textures and sizes that enable the most design flexibility possible. Our reclaimed range is straight from the streets of Europe, with an antique finish that gives an unprecedented texture to modern architecture. We also have a tumbled range, a split collection and more.

Luca Cobblestone

Most of our Cobblestones come with a matching natural stone tile or paver, enabling continuity with the same natural stone used throughout your project’s design. You’re guaranteed to be able to add texture to spaces without compromising on the existing colour palette.

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