Our Cotto flooring range represents a return to the simplicity of terracotta clay. Raw elements combine to form a genuine crafted product. The artisan approach sees clay, natural minerals and water simply mixed and worked into a mould by hand or machine-pressed or dropped to achieve unique surface textures. This terracotta tile range quite literally walks in the footsteps of a rich heritage and authenticity that has been used in architecture for centuries. 

Cotto’s earthy tones and rough edges offer a stunning lived-in appearance that is remarkably soft underfoot. It just gets better with age.

How is it made?

Each year, our Cotto Antico range is handcrafted and kiln-fired by a small Italian family manufacturer. The kiln is blessed by a priest each season, before work begins.

cotto packed

How do we offer it?

We offer a variety of colours, textures and sizes in our terracotta Cotto range, all of which are applicable to classic or contemporary design projects.

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