Naturally occurring across the Australian landscape, sandstone – made of compressed sand and mineral grains – is a timeless material that’s been used in architectural projects for centuries. It’ll be used for centuries more, too: the stone’s palette and grained texture complement traditional and modern expressions. We embrace its variations, offering tiles in a selection of beige tones that are as diverse as sand is.

Sandstone Range

The layers of sandstone present a varied and forgiving colour profile. As the material ages, the individual personality of each paver evolves.
Beauford® Sandstone has a distinctly textural hand-finish

What is sandstone?

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock made up of consolidated sand grains that have been carried down the river and buried. Predominantly made of quartz, it’s packed together at a low heat over time and gradually cements into layers of coloured rock. The right cut is vital to bring out the tones and character of this uniquely irregular material.


Where do we find it?

We source our sandstone from Spain, Morocco and Italy, curating to maximise appearance, durability and performance. Australian sandstone is much softer in density than what we use; our stone pavers are supplied in thick formats. Our stones enable us to supply formats as a tile, allowing for areas with limited setdown.

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