Split Stone

Our Split Stone range follows natural stratification layers and works with the rock’s organic formation. The material is split by hand to unearth the stone’s individual terra history and show the appeal of the raw material. Following the stratification layer ensures strength through compaction and provides a flat, non-slip surface, making Split Stone ideal for use around pools, on pathways or for driveways.

Split Stone Range

Our range is split by hand to unearth the individual terra history of each stone and show the appeal of the raw material.
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What is Split Stone?

Our Split Stone tiles are made of a fine-grained sedimentary rock. These extremely dense stones were formed layer by layer over millions of years. During production, the stones are split horizontally in line with this layering to create the natural split-surface finish, then cut vertically into a range of tile sizes.

Eco Outdoor Split Stone Endicott®

How do we offer it?

We offer Split Stone in a diverse spectrum of stone types, colours, and sizes, providing great design flexibility. The variety of slate tile sizes and stone products within our Split Stone range make it a cost-effective natural stone paving alternative.

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