Canyonfell Freeform walling
Embracing the rustic beauty of the raw landscape, our natural stone walling creates a warmth and tactility reminiscent of nature’s most beautiful spaces. Imprinted with aged distinction and changing with the passage of time, our range adds depth and character to a place. The imperfections and irregularities of stone’s organic texture complement and counter the clean lines of contemporary architecture. Suitable for internal and external applications, our curated selection of walling options can be manipulated for endless design applications.

Our Range

Whether used for an internal fireplace, a feature wall, or as the centrepiece of your garden design (or any other application your imagination desires), our Walling range is diverse enough to meet any brief. History and authentic craftsmanship is baked into our Mano Bricks, while our Freeform and Dry Stone options are rugged and highly textured. Random Ashlar offers a sense of structure despite the product’s earthly tactility, while Traditional Format responds to a timeless aesthetic. Linear walling meets the needs of modern design.

Savoca Freeform®

Walling made easy

All our natural stone Walling pieces come pre-prepared with the backs sawn to a smooth finish, allowing for easy application to all suitable substrates with outstanding results.

Melbourne Showroom

Capping and corners

We offer stone capping and corner pieces for feature or retaining walls to create a seamless look. Our stone corner pieces have been designed in an L-shape, offering a sense of structural depth and natural form.