Buying an outdoor dining setting can be an emotional and financial investment, and with so many choices, it can be overwhelming. We share a few simple questions to help you decide what type of setting will be better suited to the way you live outdoors.

Who will be using the dining setting?

Are you a couple, a family, elderly or young? Who lives at the home will greatly dictate the type of furniture that will work in your outdoor space. A bar table with stools for example, is going to better suit younger homeowners than the elderly.

Bench seats are great for families with kids and comfortable chairs with a supportive back are ideal for empty-nesters.



Bronte dining table and bench seats

Where do you live?

Is your outdoor space exposed to the elements? Do you live near the seaside with the coastal air or in a cool climate? Where you live will help inform which outdoor dining setting is better for you and how well it will hold up long-term.

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How do you entertain?

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Do you open your doors and welcome anyone including the neighbour’s dog or are you the quieter types? Do you enjoy long lunches that turn into dinner or prefer to have people over for a quick drink?

If you like to host long lunches and dinners, comfortable dining chairs are a must and cushions are a bonus! For those with an endless guest list, an extension table will offer a more flexible dining experience. Whereas, a smaller table with a couple of chairs might suffice those who rarely entertain.

How much space do you have for your dining setting?

You don’t want your outdoor setting to monopolise your entire space, nor do you want to have a setting that doesn’t suit your lifestyle.

A round table or a small square may work better in a tighter space. Two bench seats rather than a collection of chairs can also help retain space. Bar stools placed around an outdoor kitchen or at a window bench is a great way to offer a place to eat without taking up too much floor space.

What’s your design style?

Outdoor Entertaining Table Chairs 1
The Porto is modern entertaining at it’s finest

Are you a lover of all things modern or do you prefer something more traditional? Is your outdoor space in the city or beachside? Your design style will not only dictate the design of the outdoor setting but also the materiality.

Do you need an outdoor dining setting?

Not every outdoor space needs a dining table. If sitting at a table is simply not the way you live outdoors, the setting is likely to end up collecting cobwebs.

If you love lounging outdoors with a newspaper, perhaps a couple of armchairs and a coffee table is more suitable. For those with a large family who enjoying coming together around a fire pit, a modular sofa or bean bags may be utilised more.

When shopping for outdoor furniture, it’s important to think about how you live outdoors and not just be seduced by how good the furniture looks on the showroom floor.

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