It’s the living characteristics where the materials change over time and the subtle variations of tone and texture we appreciate.  The material breathes. It patinas, gradually changing overtime as it’s subjected to use and everyday life.

Furniture is an ideal place to embrace natural materials and their imperfections. Let your timber outdoor dining table weather and silver off as it’s exposed to the elements. Don’t panic if there are marks from an outdoor lunch that drifted into dinner or subtle cracks in the timber’s surface. These are all signs of life; they’re stories that speak of fun times, accidents, and of age.

Eco Outdoor Outdoor Linens

Linen is another living material that represents this idea of calm, imperfection and softness. While incredibly durable, the material embodies a natural lustre and a raw quality that continues to improve with wear and time. The linen becomes softer and more malleable, creating a more lived-in feel; a quality that is the opposite of the hash, stiff and brightly patterned fabric we once believed was the best for outdoor use.

Consider the colour palette when you’re working with living materials.  Discover tones that mimic those found in nature: your greys, greens, neutral earthy tones, and yellowing rusts.

No longer should you feel you need to stress over preserving the original condition of your outdoor furniture. An eclectic mix of natural accents and crisp, clean finishes can create a sense of balance throughout your space. Not everything needs to remain shiny and new.