We have long been inspired by the imperfections, textures and patinas naturally occurring in our environment. The Japanese principles of Wabi Sabi sit true to us as it openly embraces this imperfect beauty and humility in the design of spaces.

Belgian gallerist and interior designer Alex Vervoordt has published an incredibly beautiful book titled Wabi Inspirations, which shares his personal connection with the spirit of Wabi.  Vervoordt has collaborated with Japanese-born architect, Tatsuro Miki, to create rich interiors that speak a kind of luxury more people today are learning to appreciate.

Large format evocative photographs on lovely paper stock introduce readers to spaces designed by the duo in Japan, Korea, Switzerland and Belgium.  Carefully curated, Wabi Inspirations allows you to be captivated by what inspires Vervoordt the most.  The flaws in natural timbers, rough stone surfaces, the patina and aging of interiors, all a reminder of the transience and imperfections of the things we live with on a daily basis.

The book is filled with minimalist spaces which celebrates Vervoordt’s style of muted tones, weathered surfaces, nature and age all based on the Wabi Sabi principles – purity and simplicity.

Wabi Inspirations can be found in the Eco Outdoor showrooms.