Hot off the Press: Feature Projects Newspaper

We’ve had the opportunity to collaborate on an incredible array of architectural and interiors projects worldwide. We’ve regularly shared these projects on our website and inside our annual Outdoor Life Newspapers.

EcoOutdoor Feature Projects 03

Like you, we’re passionate about architecture and design. Our passion lies in the role materials can play to help you bring your design to life. We’re always on the lookout for how we can work more deeply with you to produce something really special. Whether it’s a new finishing detail or a format that maintains the integrity of the material, but reinterprets it within a modern context.

EcoOutdoor Feature Projects 01
EcoOutdoor Feature Projects 02

Inside the new Feature Projects Newspaper, you’ll find a selection of just a few projects that showcase unique material requirements for the individual design and the collaboration between architects, designers and builders.

From inner-city pads to beach houses and large family homes, the Feature Projects Newspaper explores the designer’s vision, design details and the integration of Eco Outdoor materials.

Pick up a copy instore at your nearest Eco Outdoor showroom or view online here.