One of the latest cookbooks to arrive on our shelves is “Battersby: Extraordinary Food from an Ordinary Kitchen” by chefs Joseph Ogrodnek and Walker Stern. The pair are well known for their incredible dishes served in their tiny (4×6′) open kitchen at Battersby’s in Brooklyn.


Fitted with only one oven, a basic six-burner stove and limited bench space for prep, Joseph and Walker have overcome the challenges of preparing and cooking food in a small kitchenette five nights a week. With space at a premium, Battersby’s menu is a five-course tasting menu that delights your taste buds with dishes such as ‘Maine Sea Urchin seaweed butter, lemon’, ‘Beets castelrosso, cucumber, shishito peppers’ and ‘Wild Striped Bass brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, squash, vegetable broth’.

Battersby 02
Image: Victor Prado

Their first cookbook “Battersby: Extraordinary Food from an Ordinary Kitchen” allows you to take home the same favours of their kitchen (without flying to Brooklyn). It’s organised in a similar fashion to how Joseph and Walker cook in their tight quarters with the recipes divided into “prep” and “serve”.  Some meals can be prepared days in advance, just as they do in Battersby to make your life easier.

Battersby 05
Battersby 07

The flavours pack a punch with a mixture of some unusual recipes including ‘Crispy Kale Salad with Brussels Sprouts and Kohlrabi’, ‘Grilled Mackerel with a Summer Vegetable Salsa’ and ‘Fennel Seed Panna Cotta with Lemon Confit’, and some a little more familiar.

Battersby 06

Produced by Joseph Ogrodnek and Walker Stern, and co-written with veteran food writer Andrew Friedman, this is one cookbook you’ll love having in your kitchen.

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