We’re always on the lookout for local designers who are doing something a little bit different and this season we’re excited to show you our latest find.

For those of you who can’t instantly recognise Hayden Youlley’s ceramics or haven’t seen our endless insta posts about his work, allow us to introduce you.

Hayden Youlley works in a Sydney studio and his latest creation is a beautiful range of ceramics he calls “The paper series”.

Taking inspiration from things typically not seen as beautiful like scrunched up paper he creates this delicate and beautiful shape and texture that gives a real sense of life and movement in a delicate and understated way.

The little plane you can see on the orange plate set is Hayden’s signature motif. He did that for his mother when he was about 5 years old and she kept it all these years. Later he decided that it would be the perfect signature for his work and it his; delicate and considered, stylish but understated.

We’re showcasing a few different versions of the paper series in our Waterloo store at the moment with more to be rolled out to other stores around the country.

So if you’re looking for a new story to tell on the table,  pop in and check out The Paper Series by Hayden Youlley at our Waterloo store now.

We’re big fans.

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