However, working with the changes in levels can result in a more unique and interesting garden to live in. We showcase several gardens that embrace each site’s levels to create visually pleasing and highly usable garden spaces.

1. Outdoor Establishments terraced garden

Tiered Gardens 01
Image: Natalie Hunfalvay

Outdoor Establishments, in conjunction with Hampton Architecture and Trend Constructions, used natural sandstone walling to tackle the sloping site. By building tiers, they’ve created several areas with the garden to be explored whilst improving the outlook from within the home.

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View our Clancy® natural stone used in this garden here.

2. Bates Masi + Architects entertainer

Tiered Gardens 06

Bates Masi + Architects have allowed the site to gently slope down making way for an outdoor entertaining area and pool. Stone paving creates large stairs that also function as additional seating, before creating a flat surface for lounging by the pool.

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3. Site Design + Studio’s courtyard


Being tight on space hasn’t stopped this creative team from making the most of the garden. The wide stairs have divided the two garden areas and have added a little drama to the space.

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Click to view the cobblestones and paving used in this project.

4. Fig Landscapes’ sunken lounge

Bluestone Berrimah

Fig Landscapes have created an intimate sunken lounge by building a Barrimah stone retaining wall and recycled floating bench. Bluestone stairs lead you up to the small backyard garden area which features hedging, grass and additional storage.

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Click to find details of Barrimah® and bluestone.

5. Gartner Trovato Architects front garden

Eco Stone 0025

Surrounded by lush planting, a curved path on a gentle incline takes you up to the front door of this residence designed by Gartner Trovato Architects. A wall constructed of Alpine dry stone cleverly divides the driveway and adds further texture to the garden space.

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6. Arterra Landscape Architects’ cascading gardens

Tiered Gardens 04

The design team at Arterra Landscape Architects have used the typography to dictate the design of this family garden. Terracing down the slope are various outdoor living areas such as this bocce court.

More of this garden can be found here.

7. Harrison’s Landscaping terraced pool

Ecooutdoor Bluestone 0999

Fanning out from the house, this tiered pool with bluestone edging and surrounding garden is one way to tackle the steep site. Not only does it create a great entertaining area, it also looks amazing from above.

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8. WAX Design’s tiered entrance

Residential Garden Beaumont 1

The tiered garden with large bluestone pavers and manicured lawn create a stunning entrance to this home.  Created by WAX Design, the team were not just challenged by the sloping site in the front garden. They were also challenged by the rear garden typography too.

Take a look at the entire project here.

9. WA Design’s courtyard house

Tiered Gardens 02

Perched on the hillside, the landscape plantings of the ‘Courtyard House’ are set on a rigorous grid behind a series of low Cor-ten retaining walls. This further extends the strong lines of the architecture into the site.

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