Outdoor furniture has a direct effect on how you spend time outside. It can make your balcony, deck, courtyard or garden either an enjoyable space or one that’s sole purpose is to collect leaves. Therefore, choosing outdoor furniture to fit into your lifestyle and space is paramount. If you have a smaller garden or outdoor space, here’s some advice and tips from the experts on which pieces will be best for you.

Industry tips for small garden spaces

  • “When choosing outdoor furniture for a smaller spaces it is important to keep all items harmonious in colour and finishes,” says Chanelle Kennedy of Adam Robinson Design. “Bring colour into the space by using throw cushions and table top pots.”
  • Sam Snaith of Harrisons Landscaping encourages those with restricted space to select furniture that has a fine frame and legs, rather than go for a blocky look. “This will help create a feeling of negative space under the furniture”.
  • Myles Broad from Eckersley Garden Architecture says you should be flexible with your furniture choice, and avoid anything built in.  He says think about whether you really need a dining table or could you sit on a lounge with your plate on your lap? “A collection of smaller pieces that provides you with the flexibility to move them around in order to chase the sun may work better in a smaller space.”

Mora Dining Table featured with the Heaven Dining Armchairs
Mora Dining Table featured with the Heaven Dining Armchairs

Tips for choosing outdoor furniture

  • Measure your space: Always take measurements of the size and shape of your outdoor space. These measurements of your garden, patio, deck or courtyard will help you decide on the size and form of your outdoor furniture.
  • Easy care: Choose furniture pieces that need minimal maintenance and are weather resistant. This will ensure they are longer lasting.
  • Invest in quality: By investing in quality pieces, you will ensure you furniture will not only last significantly longer but they will age gracefully over time.

Our top pieces for smaller garden spaces

Modern and compact in design, and easy to maintain, the Mora dining table is perfect for smaller outdoor spaces.
EcoOutdoor Lounge Ashton
The Ashton lounge embraces a classic mid-century style of furniture design, A compact offering ideal for areas with spatial limitations.
EcoOutdoor Table Isben
The Ibsen Dining Table harnesses thin, clean lines making it perfect for smaller spaces. The negative space it creates often makes smaller spaces appear bigger.
EcoOutdoor Easychair Heaven
The Heaven Lounge Chair is lightweight with contemporary elegance. Perfect for a smaller courtyard, patio or garden

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