No one likes to sit on mouldy outdoor cushions. Thankfully, outdoor furniture has come a long way since the days of never leaving your setting outside for fear of ending up with unsightly mould building up.

Who would have thought that you can now enjoy the comfort of an upholstered sofa outside; comfort that will rival that of your interior furniture?

Thanks to quick-dry foam and high-quality fabrics, furniture has been designed to withstand most weather conditions. However, if you want to extend its lifespan and maintain its good looks for longer, caring for your outdoor cushions and using some common sense is a must.

Caring for your outdoor cushions

Eco Outdoor’s cushions are made with quick-dry foam which allows for water to drain rapidly and for fresh air to circulate. This, together with our breathable and highly durable outdoor Sunbrella fabrics, helps prevent mould from building up.

That said, allowing water to pool on the surface of your cushion will result in an invasion of mildew. Never fear, follow these tips to keep your outdoor furniture looking great:

  • Keep your outdoor furniture tidy by regularly removing dirt and debris with a brush. Some fabrics can also be vacuumed which makes life a little easier;
  • Take extra care in removing dirt from the seams – a common area for mildew to grow;
  • Avoid stains by cleaning up spills like sunscreen, tomato sauce and wine with a soft bristle brush or sponge as they occur;
  • If rain is forecast, angle your cushions on their side to allow for the water to run off, rather than pool on the surface;
  • At times of severe storms, heavy rainfall or floods, best to keep your cushions undercover to provide them with adequate protection;
  • When your outdoor cushions have been subjected to wet weather, rotate them and allow both sides to air dry before use;
  • Rotating your cushions can also help minimise sun damage if exposed to extreme heat.

In the event you are storing your cushions away, make sure they are completely dry and cleaned prior.

Note: before using any cleaning products on your fabric, check the care instructions and do a small test on an inconspicuous area first.  

Our outdoor furniture is designed to last. Taking care of your cushions will simply help maintain their longevity and keep them in great condition. For those with upholstered furniture that has suffered under the pressures of outdoor life, come visit one of our showrooms to take a look at our cut-to-length outdoor fabric. Perhaps a new outfit is all your furniture needs to look great again.