We’ve hand picked seven Melbourne female interior designs worth watching.

1. Fiona Lynch

Fiona Lynch is renowned for her focus on detail, colour and inventive use of material and space.


2. Chelsea Hing

Binnie House, photograph: Nik Epifanidis

Chelsea Hing creates luxurious and eclectic interiors and is not afraid to try something new, side stepping the trends.


3. Miriam Fanning

150813 Relph 1 785x470
REL Residence, photograph: Sharyn Cairns

Miriam Fanning founder of Mim Design, a studio well known for its timeless, stylish interiors that exude a sense of luxe.


4. Kerry Phelan

Atrium House, photograph: Derek Swalwell

Kerry Phelan has a glamorous, sophisticated and very distinctive eye that enables her to produce client driven, unique projects.


5. Lauren Macer

1 Fireplace Mg 4371
Mt Martha House, photograph: Nicole Reed

Lauren Macer is known for enhancing residential spaces with an understated luxury and an element of the unexpected.


6. Sonia Simpfendorfer

Nexus PonyTale 01
Pony Tale Residence, photograph: James Geer

Sonia Simpfendorfer, creative director of Nexus Designs, has a distinctive and enduring personal approach to the interiors of her clients resulting in contemporary designs.


7. Mardi Doherty

DohertyLynch Sandringham Residence Photographer Derek Swalwell 02 1240x800
Sandringham Residence, photograph: Derek Swalwell

Mardi Doherty over the years has developed a playful, considered aesthetic producing interiors jammed packed with personality.