With the weather warming up and the days lighter for longer, we’re sensing a little bit of summer is in the air. If you’re looking for a new outdoor lounge, look no further than these 5 luxury lounges.

5 Best Outdoor Lounges For Living Outdoors This Summer

If you’re also planning a memorable summer outdoors, now’s the perfect time to get your outdoor space summer ready. Whether that’s restoring your old timber table or purchasing new outdoor furniture pieces, making your outdoor space inviting will encourage you to spend more time outside.

Here, we take a look at 5 outdoor lounges designed with the harsh Australian climate and of course, comfort in mind.

Ashton Outdoor Lounge

EcoOutdoor Lounge Ashton
The Ashton Outdoor Lounge

The Ashton Lounge is one of the newest pieces in the Eco Outdoor furniture range and is ideal for smaller spaces. Embracing a classic mid-century style of furniture design, the shape and flow of the teakwood frame turns a minimalist form into a decorative one. A compact offering ideal for areas with spatial limitations and although designed to withstand life outdoors, the Ashton is also highly suitable for indoors.

Nomah® Outdoor Lounge

The Nomah outdoor lounge ideal for inside or out.
The Nomah® outdoor lounge ideal for life inside or out

Have a large space? The generously proportioned Nomah® lounge and single seat lounge chairs may be the perfect addition. A strong teak frame creates a handsome aesthetic and the oversized cushions encourage you to sink in and relax.

Hayfield Outdoor Lounge

EcoOutdoor Lounge Hayfield
The Luxurious Hayfield Outdoor Lounge

The Hayfield is a classic style lounge with uniquely curved arms and refined componentry. With oversized luxuriously comfortable cushions and generous proportions, the Hayfield will provide exceptional levels of style and comfort.

Ord® Modular Lounge

EcoOutdoor Lounge Ord
The flexible Ord modular lounge

For those with more people to seat, the Ord® is an oversized modular outdoor lounge that offers flexibility and style. Made of generous-sized blocks with quick-dry cushions, the Ord® can be pieced together in a variety of configurations to suit your space and needs.

Watego® Outdoor Lounge

EcoOutdoor Lounge Watego
The Watego outdoor lounge

A striking outdoor setting, the modular Watego® outdoor lounge is ideal for any space, from large sweeping gardens through to small inner city courtyards. The open structured frame in a wire brushed teak and quick dry cushions make the Watego® outdoor lounge a stand out piece. Mix and match the modular pieces to make them work for you.


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