They’ve replaced the old school granny window boxes with lush dense foliage expanding an entire surface or creating a unique tapestry.

From building façades to interior walls, here are 10 homes with super cool vertical gardens for your inspiration:

1. Contemporary villa, Vietnam

Thao Dien House MM Architects 01 1 Kindesign

Designed by MM++ Architects the vertical garden of this contemporary villa extends around the home to help it blend into the landscape. Photography: Hiroyuki OKI.

2. Succulent terrace, Sydney


Vertikal have devised a unique green wall tapestry of various succulents for the courtyard façade of this Sydney terrace house. Photography: Simon Whitbread.

3. Home of a Parisian landscape architect, Madrid

La Casa De Una Paisajista Parisina En Madrid 961496395 800x1200

Patrick Blanc’s dramatic vertical garden is well balanced by the Portuguese cobblestones of this courtyard. Photography: Manolo Yllera.

4. House in Travessa Do Patrocinio


4500 plants of 20 varieties cover the façade of this residence in Lisbon, Portugal designed by Rebelo De Andrade.  Photography: Fernando Guerra.

5. Parisian garden apartment

Indoor Gardens Paris France Blanc Patrick Dimanche House Wall Aerial

Spanning 6×7 meters, this vertical garden designed by Patrick Blanc for his friends has an incredible impact on the interior space. Photography: Jessica Antola.

 6. Concrete-block home, Toronto

Courtyard House After Exterior Side

The concrete-block exterior wall of this home designed by Studio Junction Inc. has been cleverly disguised with a thick layer of ivy. Photography: Juliana Sohn.

7. Casa Estoril


With no sunlight, this north facing pool wall was transformed by a dense planting by Vertical Garden Design.

8. Baird Residence, Louisiana

Baird House Exterior Side Yard Portrait

A screen of ivy and 3 spotlight billboards dress this home designed by Plusone Design + Construction. Photography by Roy Zipstein.

9. Private villa courtyard

17 9 201016 49 36125

A Patrick Blanc wall scales the expansive courtyard wall of this Koweit private villa. Indoor Architect: Andrée Putman.

10. The ultimate family home


The collaboration between Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Architects, Guy Thomson Interior Design and Brendon Edwards Landscapes has resulted in a fantastic family courtyard garden.