PR House by Architects Ink
PR House
Adelaide, Australia
A dilapidated, but loved, 1960’s beach shack makes way for a contemporary beach house that demonstrates a degree of sensibility and honesty.
Architects Ink
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Architects Ink PR House

Architects Ink

Architects Ink is an award winning Architecture and Interior Design practice with offices in Adelaide and Sydney. Priding themselves on creating responsive, intelligent architecture and interiors, Architects Ink focus on conceptual ideas to develop a distinct identity for every project and each client, their needs and aspirations.

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The story behind the design

Replacing a much-loved family beach shack requires a level of sensitivity and respect for the architectural history and the memories shared within the home. There was a strong desire for PR House to maintain a ‘shack’ feel in the new design. As owners of a mid-century furniture restoration business, the client also wanted the home to echo its 60’s heritage.Architects Ink director Marco Spinelli shared a mutual appreciation for this era of design and conceived a building with a simple, rectangular footprint inspired by the dilapidated shack that previously stood on the site.

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“The design concept drew inspiration from Californian Case Study Houses,” says Marco. “Featuring strong horizontal lines, floor to ceiling glass, and spatial planning based on a consistent grid that would be efficient to design and build.” The form was conceived to maximise the beach views and outdoor living spaces, while allowing natural light and ventilation to enter the interiors. “The interior design was to be informal, consisting of interconnected family living spaces and with finishes to complement the clients’ mid-century style”, explains Marco.

The interior design was to be informal, consisting of interconnected family living spaces and with finishes to complement the clients’ mid-century style

Marco Spinelli

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Take a closer look

The building is comprised of predominantly concrete, timber and glass reflecting the mid-century aesthetics and offering the durability to survive the marine conditions. While simple, Marco explains the material palette is highly textural and the concrete offers a unique finish the architects were yet to explore. “The two in-situ concrete walls have an inherent sense of permanence and protection from the elements while its timber grain texture provides a unique, tactile quality.” Softening the cool tones and robust nature of the concrete is the white mahogany timber decking and external cladding which will eventually silver off highlighting the natural variation in the material.

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Inside, the timber grain in-situ concrete sits beside custom joinery of warming American Oak veneer and Crackenback® sandstone, referencing the 60’s design style. “We were drawn to the Crackenback® stone as a homage to the classic freeform® sandstone fireplaces in mid-century homes and it is the perfect backdrop for the clients’ extensive collection of vintage furniture and lighting,” says Marco. The natural stone wall also acts as an anchor between the home’s two levels, extending from the downstairs games room, through the stair void to the family lounge and wood fireplace.

The result is very impressive; it’s impossible to resist the temptation to run your hands along the grain.

Marco Spinelli

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While no longer the scale of a 60’s beach shack, the honest design of PR House offers a degree of permanence and sensibility by continually referencing the mid-century aesthetic. The building’s materials are left raw and imperfections are celebrated providing a beautiful textural experience and the ideal backdrop for the client’s soft furnishings. It’s fair to say, this house is an exercise in consistency and restraint.PR House will continually evolve as the exterior materials patina with exposure to sunlight and rainfall just how any beach house should. Internally, memories of living within the house will grow as the client’s settle in and enjoy the interconnected living spaces.

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