What is a bullnose edge?

Choosing the edge profile of your stone will greatly determine the end look and the function of the stone element.

A bullnose edge is the convex rounding of a stone. It’s clean and safe and creates a timeless appearance. A bullnose can be fully rounded or half which features a rounded top and a shaped edge on the bottom.

One of the benefits of a bullnose edge detail is that it enhances the durability of the stone with the smooth edge less susceptible to chipping or breaking. The rounded profile is often chosen as it is safer in comparison to a sharper square edge, especially with bench tops at child height, pool coping and stair treads. These benefits are in addition to the polished, timeless look it can add to a space.

Other popular edge details

Other popular edge profiles for stone include:

  • Arris – a subtle angle detail on top of a square edge
  • Tumbled – a weathered edge that creates an aged appearance
  • Chipped – a man-made rough edge in line with the natural characteristics
  • Rebate – an edging detail of a coping unit that increases the thickness of the face of a coping unit.
  • Mitred – a modern edge detail joining two pieces of stone