Terms Of The Trade: Bedding Layer

A bedding layer is a construction term that describes the substrate or layers beneath flooring or pavers. It acts as a cushion for the paved surface helping to ensure the finished surface is even and smooth.

The layer is typically made of a granular material like coarse sand that is spread over the entire area before being levelled out. This is done after the site is excavated and the area prepared with the surface levelled and drainage arranged. In most cases, this is compacted to achieve an even and strong finish.

The thickness of the bedding varies depending on the flooring finishes that will be laid on top and the application. For example, a driveway will require a thicker compacted base underneath the finished surface to accommodate the weight and traffic use.

The term ‘bedding layer’ can also refer to all the layers underneath the finished floor which may including some of the following:

  • Subgrade or natural soil
  • Concrete slab or road base
  • Bedding Sand or wet mortar bedding
  • Adhesives
  • Waterproof membranes

The bedding layer is an essential component of paving a surface as it acts to create a level and strong finish. Without a well-constructed foundation layer, uneven settlement may take place compromising the overall integrity of your finished flooring.

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