Travertine paving pool design

A stunning contemporary pool that creates an open sense of space

Your swimming pool design starts here

If you’re looking for the right swimming pool design, you’ll need to consider aesthetic objectives: what will fit with the overall landscape design? What other natural materials will be present in the landscape?  You also need to consider functional objectives – is the product suitable for a saltwater pool? Does the paver’s texture provide a non-slip surface? There are certain criteria that can affect product selection so it’s always best to discuss these with your swimming pool designer or swimming pool builder early on. For example, some sandstones may not be suitable for a saltwater pool or some pool designs may require custom product sizing.

When it comes to swimming pool tile design and choosing the appropriate pool paving products, a key consideration is the coping around the pool. ‘Coping’ refers to the product, which creates the edge around the pool, joining it with the surrounding paving or landscaped area. Depending on the Eco paving stone selected, there are a number of coping options available in a variety of styles from the traditional round bullnose to rebated coping or even square edge coping for a cleaner modern look.

The best place to start is by collecting or pinning pool ideas and images that you like. That way when you have your first conversation with a swimming pool builder or swimming pool designer, you’ve got a place to start. If you don’t know any, come and talk to us and we can point you in the right direction.

Happy Hunting.