Formed from sedimentary rock, the stone can be used to complete a contemporary aesthetic or add age and texture to finish a traditional look.

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Wallflower Architect + Design based in Singapore, have embraced travertine to design a dream home for their clients. Inspired by Italian cityscapes, the homeowner requested the stone be used copiously as one of the main architectural finishes throughout the design.

Thick travertine walls layered with generously sized overhangs feature throughout the property and are broken up by the glass and warm timbers, synonymous with Singaporean architecture. Tropical green plantings and water bodies weave their way throughout the home to ensure the interiors remain cool and to capture the delicate sunlight.

The home, located in Serangoon, is a great representation of how the ancient stone of travertine can complement modern design. It’s dense and robust composition allows it be used in a variety of applications from flooring and walling to the interior finish of a pool. A big plus if you wish to use the material throughout your home as Wallflower has done in their ‘Travertine Dream House’.

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Photography: Jeremy San