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A central part of our ethos when it comes to outdoor furniture materials is that they need to be able to age with you – and gracefully. We appreciate the subtle variations of tone and texture characterising our outdoor furniture, as well as the gradual changes over time when they’re subjected to the unpredictability of everyday life.

Eco Outdoor furniture materials

Our quality outdoor furniture pieces are crafted using only the finest materials to offer not only the perfect balance of modern outdoor style and luxurious comfort, but long lasting, durable pieces that transcend time and styles.

Here are the materials we work with that embody this philosophy.


The aluminium used in our frames is a strong, stable material. Being a relatively lightweight metal, we use cast, solid angle sections like with our Ibsen or Colo dining tables, or thick reinforced tube walls to increase the weight of our furniture.

EcoOutdoor Isben
Eco Outdoor Isben Dining Table


Many of our seat and back slings (see our Tulloch range and Marillo dining chair) are made from Batyline, a high-performance exterior fabric. Batyline is tough and flexible enough to provide great comfort, while not sagging through use. Its polyester fibre, covered by a PVC coating, makes it nearly impossible to tear.

EcoOutdoor Batyline
Tulloch lounge made of aluminium frame, batyline slings and quick dry foam cushions

Compact Laminate

Made from layers of paper fibres that have been dipped in resin and dried, compact laminate offers a contemporary and clean finish when used for outdoor furniture such as our Porto dining range. These layers are stacked and sandwiched between laminate, before being compressed under high pressure and heated to permanently meld together. Not only is it a stylish, low-maintenance material, but it is also an incredibly durable surface that can withstand exposure to the outdoor environment and daily use.

EcoOutdoor Compact Laminate
Eco Outdoor Porto Dining Table and Benches


Our luxurious collection of fabrics brings another layer of comfort, texture and style to any application and we offer cut-to-length on our entire range. Our fabrics are designed specifically for the outdoors, so if you’re looking to change up an existing lounge or daybed, or breathe new life into your cushions, our fabrics can be purchased by the lineal metre.

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EcoOutdoor Hunter Easy Chair
Hunter Easy Chair featuring Eco Outdoor canvas fabric

Galvanised and Stainless Steel

Galvanised steel (a material used for our Turon and Mill ranges) is commonly utilised for outdoor furniture due to its longevity. While providing a more textural appearance, it is also renowned for lasting for over 20 years when subjected to severe weather conditions, including water exposure. The zinc coating protects the steel from rust, which is a crucial factor in maintaining outdoor furniture. Some steel finishes are hand-rubbed to produce a distinctive aged patina.

EcoOutdoor Galvanised Steel
Lennox Bar Table and Stools made of teak and stainless steel

Quick Dry Foam

Quick dry foam is a reticulated foam, produced by a special process called hydro blast reticulation. This type of foam has large, open pores allowing drainage and air circulation, therefore it can be used readily after being wet or even saturated. All of our luxury lounges have cushions with quick dry foam cores.

EcoOutdoor Nomah Lounge
Nomah lounge featuring Belgian Linen Fabric covers and quick dry foam cushions


We use nylon strapping for seat supports and Olefin or acrylic where strapping is visually exposed. Featured on the Kotti dining chair, our Olefine strapping is a strong synthetic material that provides great comfort and fade resistance. Acrylic outdoor webbing, great for comfortable outdoor seating, is also fade-resistant and easy to maintain.

EcoOutdoor Kotti Dining Chair
Eco Outdoor Kotti Dining Chair


We’re drawn to the inherently vibrant character of the hardwood – the distinctively rich colour tones that change beautifully over time. Teak transforms to a silver grey as it is exposed to the natural elements. It is a material that’s historically been used in the marine industry due to its performance under extreme weather conditions, and the timber’s forgiving nature also makes it easy to work with. Teak’s beauty lies in its ability to complement or complete very different spaces, no matter the style. All of our timber is sustainably-sourced plantation teak from Indonesia.

EcoOutdoor Teak
Eco Outdoor Bronte solid teak table and bench


We use a combination of handwoven, polyethylene weaves produced by Rehau and Ecolene, providing a textural feel to our furniture ranges such the Claybourne® and Hayfield. These high-performance synthetic weaves are UV and fade-resistant, and are able to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions.

EcoOutdoor Weave
Eco Outdoor Claybourne® Lounge

For more information about materials we use, visit our Learning Library.