While a barbecue for you may be hurrying off to the supermarket to grab a few sausages and buns, throwing some drinks in a bucket of ice and giving the grill a quick dust, we think an epic barbecue shouldn’t be a rushed affair.

Instead, we like to put some thought into our gathering from the overall setup to the quality produce we’d like to cook up. The secret lies in not making your BBQ look like you’ve spent hours planning and preparing. It’s all about achieving the effortless look!

The main delight

Sbsdinnerupgradekids Chickenwings

A burnt, dry sausage and a tasteless burger simply won’t cut it if you’re aiming to impress. It’s time to polish up your BBQ skills and learn to handle the grill like a pro. Choose quality meat over the typical barbecue fare to get your guests taste buds watering. Try a couple of our favourites like slow-cooked port tortillas, spicy BBQ wings or delicious fresh crabs.

Learn all the tips and tricks of how to prepare a delicious main with our advice on rubs, marinades and complimentary sauces. And if you’re striving for a flavoursome steak that isn’t as tough as old boots.

The condiments

Ditch the usual ketchup and mustard squeezes for something a little more polished. Make your own a day or two in advance and serve them up in jars for your guests to help themselves. If you’re looking for a few fail safe condiment recipe ideas, check out these three fool-proof sauces that pack a flavour punch.

The sides and sweets

Watermelon Salad

The sides are what takes an average BBQ to an epic outdoor BBQ. While the store bought potato salad and packed of crisps might seem the save option, why not wow your guests with a specialty selection of easy to make sides.

We’re talking delicious salads like this watermelon & goat’s cheese number, naked pizza that you can pick at when feeling a little too jolly or sweet potato chips to accompany the wings.

And don’t forget something sweet for the palate. No need to prepare anything too elaborate; remember it’s all about effortless and easy to eat fair. Grilled pineapple on sticks or a delicious ice-cream are both perfect desserts for a laid-back outdoor BBQ.

The refreshments

A cold beer is always appreciated at a summer BBQ, but why not elevate your feast with a few refreshing cocktails. We suggest these refreshing mojitos to give the party started and a quality bottle of wine or bubbles for those with aquired tastes.

The tools

Get equipped with the right tools before you plan your BBQ. You’ll need a barbecue that you’re happy to stand in front of flipping meat with tongs in one hand and a beverage in the other. Choose a grill with a hot plate and all the show-stopping features that will rival a chef’s kitchen or stick with a simple wood fire oven that adds a unique smokey flavour.

The furniture

A host of an epic outdoor BBQ does not request their guests bring their own chair or hope that the majority will be happy to stand or squeeze uncomfortably along a bench seat. But that doesn’t mean you need to buy a couple of new settings to accommodate a crowd either. Get creative and add to what you have.

Eco Outdoor 495

Mix in some bean bags, lay down a few rugs with cushions or knock up a few stools and low tables out of wooden pallets. If you do want to add to your current furniture collection, think about furniture you can store away easily like your classic deck chair or low stool. And don’t forget to consider protecting your guests from the blazing hot sun with a reliable, yet stylish, umbrella.