Your home being torn apart, the garden becoming a mud pit, your bank balance disappearing faster than you could imagine and never ending decisions to be made could make anyone lose their cool.

Don’t let that put you off tackling your 1960’s kitchen or derelict backyard.  Here are our top tips on how you can survive a renovation whether it’s inside or out:

1. Move out if you can

If you can move out of your home while doing a renovation you’re stress levels will be drastically reduced.  In the case you’re doing a small renovation, make sure you seal off some dust-free areas inside and be forceful on the “no shoes” policy.

When you’re doing a kitchen renovation, a makeshift kitchen with a mini fridge, coffee maker and toaster or hot plate can be a life saver.  Trust us, you’ll need a strong coffee every morning you wake up in a half renovated house.

2. Nurture your team

Have a tense relationship with your designer or builder and you may be destined for a rocky road ahead.  To survive a renovation, assemble a team of like-mined professionals early on who you trust can realise your project.  Nurture your team and keep the communication lines open by being available to answer questions quickly and regularly visit the site.  Great collaborations always produce the best results.

3. Keep on schedule

Running over schedule usually means you will be running over budget and the stress levels are going to rise.  Do as much planning as you can before any trades step onto site, try not to change your mind once you’ve made decisions and be open to selecting a second choice if a material or product is delayed.

4. Protect what you want to keep

Want to keep those beautiful existing floorboards or that feature tree in the garden, then ensure you protect them. Trades, tools and rubble will inevitably cause damage if they aren’t protected.  If you’re keeping carpets, seal them with plastic and hardware, like doorknobs, should be removed and stored in a safe place.  Fence off areas with planting you don’t want trampled on.

While protecting materials and plants can help reduce damage, be prepared that there might be a loss or two in the garden during your renovation.

5. Fill your secret piggy bank

No matter how well you’ve planned, unexpected costs are likely to rear their ugly heads and usually at the worst possible times.  Try and fill a secret piggy bank with an additional ten percent of the total construction budget.  And if you don’t end up spending it, consider it extra funds for that much needed holiday to recover from your renovation.