Natural stone paving is a water-free alternative to thirsty lawns. From paths to entertaining areas, paving is versatile and virtually maintenance free. Whether you’re looking to get rid of your lawn altogether or simply minimise it, here is some inspiration on how you can using paving in your garden to create a visually impact.

Stone 01

Eckersley Garden Architecture have used Melbourne Bluestone organic steppers in place of lawn. Surrounded by lush garden of mixed planting, this inner city plot has been transformed into a haven.

View our Melbourne Bluestone paving here.

Stone 02

The textured Filetti stone in this garden designed by Michael Cooke provides not only functionality but adds a level of softness to the space.

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Stone 03

For those who don’t want to give up their lawn, using Bluestone steppers to break up the garden and add interest is a clever way to transform your outdoor space. Designed by Shaun Lockyer Architects.

Bluestone steppers have also be used to create a pathway within the two gardens below. Left: steppers with mondo grass in between create a rising pathway; Right: steppers have been used to navigate over a fish pond.

Stone 17
Stone 04

When space is of a premium, lawn can be more of a hassle than it’s worth. Laying paving, like Fig Landscapes have done here makes the outdoor space more user-friendly and adds visual appeal.

Stone 07

Paul Bangay has cleverly used a combination of Filetti and Porphyry cobblestones to create movement and texture in this garden.

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DSC 3456
Stone 14

Laying Melbourne Bluestone crazy paving with a ground cover in between still gives you the green look, without the need to regularly mow or water lawn.

Top image: Eckersley Garden Architecture; Bottom image: Signature Landscapes.

Stone 10
Stone 11

Stone paving has been used by Good Manors to highlight this garden’s incredible Crepe Myrtle tree. Laying the ground cover in between the Granite pavers also saves the homeowner’s from having to mow around the base of the tree.

Take a look at our Granite paving here.

Stone 16
Stone 18

Remove the lawn altogether and reduce the amount of gardening you have to do and water you need. Top image: Rick Eckersley has laid Cotto terracotta tiles carving out a small garden area to break up the hard surfacing. Bottom Image: Bower Architecture (left) and Kleen Architecture (right) have both used Endicott crazy paving to create a usable, family friendly outdoor space with minimum upkeep.

View the Cotto Terracotta stone paving here.