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Joanne Green Landscape & Interior revive the entrance of this iconic heirloom property located in Sydney’s suburb of Bugan Beach. Built in 1908, “The Eyrie” was one of the original cottages built in Sydney’s suburb of Bungan Beach and boasts of expansive coastal views. The home, which was crafted from locally sourced sandstone, has undergone significant architectural changes during its lifetime to cater for the evolving needs of modern-day living. More recently the entrance and surrounding landscape has been given some attention with the engagement of Joanne Green Landscape & Interior. “In late 2019, we were lucky enough to be called upon to work with the Northern Beaches family and update areas of soft and hard-scaping surrounding the entrance of this stunning property,” says Jo. The scope included designing and constructing a new driveway, installing custom timber screens and creating a new front entrance path. Horticultural advice was given, a mixture of native and classic plant varieties was planted and entrance garden lighting installed.

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“The existing bitumen driveway was crumbling and worn and didn’t do justice to the recently renovated historic coastal home.” This was replaced by a reinforced, concrete driveway that was substantial enough to accommodate the regular guest visitors. The addition of a 10mm borderline was a thoughtful design detail that enhanced the overall look. In the entrance paths, Joanne Green Landscape & Interior opted for a more textural finish to replace the uneven surface that had over time become a tripping hazard. “A new solid pathway of Endicott® Crazy Paving, laid over reinforced concrete, was chosen in order to match some existing paved sections on the property and complement the home”, says Jo. Bordered by existing white flowering hydrangeas, the pathways while newly laid, retain a sense of age and charm.

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Further neatening up the property and providing privacy was a custom vertical-batten timber screen. The warmth of the red gum contrasts beautifully with the home’s charcoal weatherboard façade and freshly sealed driveway. A few changes to the entrance planting not only created great visual impact but also provided the homeowners with varieties such as Coastal Banksia’s that were better suited to the harsh local conditions. This project illustrates how just a few small, yet significant changes, can have a bit impact on the appearance and functionality of an outdoor space. To see more, visit Joanne Green Landscape & Interior. Photos: Nick Watt