In an ode to traditional craftsmanship, the importance of the artisan and the specialness that can only come from the handmade, we have the Polperro Winery and Cellar Door.

A passionate client, wine maker Sam Coverdale, combined with interior design firm Hecker Gutherie, was a recipe for success. As Hecker Guthrie themselves explain ‘ …from previous experience we have found that wine people are inherently passionate people. Passionate and enthusiastic clients make for an engaged and enjoyable design process which in turn leads to successful design outcomes. Our clients brought all of this plus a passion to create something unique on the peninsula on an amazing site. Like the wine the client produces, we wanted the space to encompass these passions and the level of craft required to cultivate and produce the wine’.

In keeping with the artisan values of the property and the project another key influencer in the design of the space was Melbourne based artist Rebekah Stuart. Her artwork, which focuses on capturing the mood and dark romance of the natural landscape played an integral role for the Hecker Guthrie team in informing the tone and colour palette direction for the space. Her artworks are also displayed throughout the winery with beautiful down lighting, further adding to the artisan feel and the deep appreciation of quality and craft that permeates the project.

You can find more on Rebekah Stuart’s artwork and philosophy here.