Creating gardens that feel like a hidden oasis is Peter Fudge’s specialty. Not only are his garden’s visually stunning and provide all the amenities the owner requires, they allow you to get lost amongst the foliage in your own private landscape.

Screening plants aren’t just effective at screening out your neighbours. They can help disguise an unsightly structure, like an opposing apartment block or an ugly shed. They can also provide protection from the sun, act as a windbreak and enhance your own internal view.  Plant suitable screening trees in your garden and you’ll have your own private outdoor space in no time.

Peter Fudge shares with us his top 5 plant varieties that will help provide all the privacy you need to create your own oasis.

1. Juniperus chinensis ‘Keteleer

For a Mediterranean look, Peter recommends evergreen Juniperus chinensis ‘Ketelerri’.  Used commonly as a hedge, they provide good height and are well tolerant of a variety of soils, moisture levels and wind. They’re best grown in full sun and require little maintenance other than a good trim.

2. Podocarpus species

Peter specifies the Podocarpus sp. as they can handle a considerable amount of shade. The conifers are reasonably fast growing acting as a hedge, garden trees or even espaliered. Their green foliage is accompanied by single seeds rather than cones creating an attractive backdrop in the garden. 

3. Syzygium luehmannii

Peter turns to the glossy green plant Syzygium luehmannii when needing a thick natural screen fast. With a dense crown, the ornamental native produces shots of reddish pink new growth and displays small, red fruits. They suit a variety of soils and typically thrive in well-drained conditions.

4. Waterhousia floribunda

Commonly known as ‘Weeping Lilly Pilly’, Peter suggests Waterhousia floribunda if you’re looking for a tall and narrow plant that’s fast growing. They’re versatile, tolerating most soil conditions and thrive in full sun to part shade. They’ll grow well in wet conditions and respond well to a good pruning. Featuring foliage of varying shades of green, Waterhousia floribunda has pretty white flowers in summer, followed by small, green fruits.

5. Viburnum species

Viburnum’s are another plant Peter says recommends for fast and dense screening. They’re really tough, surviving well in a variety of conditions without much attention required. They’re also beautifully fragrant thanks to their delicate clustered pink, white or cream flowers.

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