Outdoor kitchens and their cost

Hosting and cooking outside means having an outdoor kitchen installed in your home to facilitate this ritual.

But what do they cost?

Knowing the prices for materials, appliances, utilities and accessories is one of the key considerations when it comes to building an outdoor kitchen.

The cost of an outdoor kitchen will depend largely on its size, the building materials you select, the appliances you want to be installed and the accessories you require.

The landscape, planting & natural shape of the space are the major aspects of outdoor design
The landscape, planting & natural shape of the space are the major aspects of outdoor design

Modern outdoor kitchens are generally equipped with built-in BBQs, bar fridges, sinks and custom-made cabinetry.

Also, it’s now possible to buy a pre-fabricated outdoor kitchen which comes complete with barbecue, sink and granite bench tops from BBQ and hardware stores.

They’re reasonably priced and can be transferred if you move to a new home.

Custom-made outdoor kitchens are generally more expensive but easily are more pleasing on the eye. However, they’re obviously not portable.

A basic outdoor cooking area with a patio, grill and countertop can run to a few thousand dollars but, if you are going all-out to install the best outdoor kitchen possible, then you can expect to spend upwards of $50,000 on a custom build.

And, while that is a considerable amount of money, it is also worth remembering that building and installing an outdoor kitchen will add to the overall value of your home.

The average outdoor kitchen will cost $7,000-$10,000.

You’re going to want to buy quality pieces that are functional and that will last. For example, your BBQ or cooker will be the centrepiece for your new outdoor kitchen so it’s worth investing in a durable, reputable branded unit.

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Any savings you try to make in the short term by buying an inferior product could potentially be erased in the long run by costly repairs or component replacements.

It’s important to communicate clearly and early to your contractor how much you are willing to spend on the grill and what features you desire.

Please bear in mind that these are only guidelines figures and that you should obtain at least three quotes from reputable, professional installers before you begin work on any new outdoor kitchen for your home. This will give you a sense of what market rates currently are and the level of service you can expect.