The North Bondi home received a much needed face-lift when architect Nadine Nakache of NN Design, began the first floor addition. The brief of homeowner and designer, Kim Pryer of Home & General, was clear – retain the footprint of the original home, but increase the living space and create a comfortable, natural atmosphere.

A palette of earthy tones, texture and neutral colours was adopted creating an industrial/ beachy vibe, while forming a connection between the dwelling and surrounding garden. Limestone, slate, Endicott, recycled and aged timbers, and concrete benchtops all work in harmony throughout the property.

“Eco Outdoor fits the brief completely,” says Kim.

This is why the pool, bathroom, and front garden all use Eco’s products, as well as the outdoor furniture.  Eco Outdoor aligns perfectly with our philosophy.

Kim’s inspiration for her home came from extensive travels around Asia, in particular, Bali. It is the earthy materials and design of the Balinese homes she admires.

“It has certainly influenced the look, but I wanted to keep in mind those Balinese homes had staff keeping things clean and perfectly maintained, so it was about finding the right balance between aesthetic and function.”

One of the biggest things Kim loves about her home is the use of stone, particularly in the downstairs bathroom, one of her “absolute favourites”. By using Chalford® limestone on the bathroom floor, she has created a natural, but opulent space.  The heavily-distressed finish adds a raw quality but is warm underfoot.

Kim goes on to tell us the front path has achieved a “Flintstones meets the 60s Palm Springs look”, and the combination of white, timber and grey crazy paving are other highlights of the property. Every detail has been considered, even down to the mint and thyme growing through rustic railway sleepers, so that every time she arrives home she gets a delicious waft of freshness as do passers-by.

In the garden, it was all about finding solutions to challenges as the home is located on flood-prone land. This is one of the reasons the pool has been raised, but it hasn’t impacted the overall look in the slightest.  In fact, Kim continues on to say she was fastidious with the detail. The pool is one such area where she desired movement in the water, a feeling most Balinese pools embody.

Knowing what she wanted Kim came to site, and while the elderly Portuguese tiler watched on, she made a constellation of stars out of two tile colours. The result – a romantic detail that created the movement she envisaged.

It’s always admirable when homeowners dive in and take on a project of this scale.

“I’m proud of the lack of chrome in the house,” she says.

I don’t like chrome, so the door handles and tapware are all powder coated white, black or are antiqued

“As a child, my parents had dark brown, organic looking coffee mugs and dinner sets. They were really dark brown, almost black with a speckle. Believe it or not, that was my inspiration for the en-suite toilet.”

Kim always wanted a sunken lounge to settle in with friends and family. She desired a spacious interior but wanted to create a sense of separation between some of the rooms without jeopardising the space. The small wall between the kitchen and lounge area achieved this.

We commend Kim and her design team for the bravery of mixing different styles, textures and natural materials to create a timeless yet contemporary home that represents her own personality, and the way her family intends to live within the spaces.