The Hunter Easy Chair is the latest addition to the Eco Outdoor furniture range. Versatile, comfortable, and easy on the eye, The Hunter is durable enough to endure the harsh climate outdoors but equally suited for an indoor life.

Drawing on inspiration from the classic easy chairs of the past, the Hunter features wide arms and turned timber legs. The beautifully shaped timber frame is timeless and the addition of a reinforced stainless-steel rod ensures structural integrity that lasts.

It’s easy to settle in and enjoy life’s everyday moments in the Hunter.

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Available in our luxurious Canvas Rickshaw, Canvas Farrier and Canvas Talas fabrics, the Hunter Easy Chair is designed to suit any interior or outdoor space. The robust, thick and durable material ensures the Hunter is well prepared for plenty of everyday lounging.

Find more information about the Hunter Easy Chair by getting in touch with your nearest Eco Outdoor showroom.