Crispy foliage, yellowing lawn and exposed entertaining areas doesn’t make for the greatest setting. There are some simple things you can do to maximize your garden so you can enjoy it’s full delights and impress your guests. Here’s just a few to get you started:

Plant trees to increase shade

Trees are one of the best forms of shade in your garden and will not only aesthetically add to your garden space, but will make your outdoor space more enticing. Plant deciduous trees to ensure you capture the sunshine during winter and protect you for the hot sun in summer.

Install a pergola

Investing in a pergola over your entertaining area will make your outdoor space more inviting and usable. Cladding the structure with in garland of green like Virginia creeper, will provide a more enchanting atmosphere as well as allow you to see the sky through the foliage above.

Create spaces

Creating go to spaces within the garden creates interest and can make your outdoor space more dynamic. Think an enclosed, private garden for your morning coffee or an in ground trampoline surrounded by a dense planting so it is out of sight.

Light it up

A garden that lacks lighting lacks ambiance in the evening making it an underutilised space. Even from the inside, looking out onto a garden that is cleverly lit is visually stunning.

Spend your days living it up outdoors by maximising your amenities and enhancing the garden’s atmosphere.