The latest trends in outdoor spaces

We take a look at some of the trends and design approaches for outdoor spaces that we’re loving.

Collaborative design approach

With industry growth and the emergence of new creatives, the scope of each discipline has been blurred allow for a more collaborative design approach. Architects, interior designers, landscape designers, builders and clients are working more collaboratively than ever before aspiring to create a cohesive design from the built form to the outdoor spaces.

Getting back to kitchen basics

There’s no doubt people are spending more time dining outdoors. However, we’re seeing an increase in the number of homeowners looking to get back to kitchen basics rather than building a fully equipped kitchen with all the mod cons. There’s also a noticeable shift in the location of the alfresco area in the garden. Where once you’d conveniently locate your outdoor dining and kitchen area close to the house, now more people are creating a destination within the garden for greater ambience.

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Maximizing outdoor spaces

Garden Design Trends 01
Rooftop by SJB & William Dangar

Space for many is at a premium and while living with a limited outdoor area is nothing new, landscape designers are making smaller spaces more functional and aesthetically pleasing than ever before. They’re also seeing a greater value in maximizing the functionality of outdoor areas that previously would have been neglected such as rooftops or light wells.

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Continuing the natural palette internally

Garden Design Treand 02
Bringing natural stone internally – B.E. Architecture

Materials with raw textures and natural patinas are highly popular in the outdoor space. Their imperfections and natural color tones sit perfectly in the garden environment. However, in more recent years we’re seeing a drive to use these same finishes internally to create continuity and bring a slice of the outside in whether that’s through flooring, walling or fittings.

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Experimenting with produce

With an increased desire for healthy eating, more homeowners are integrating kitchen gardens into their outdoor space. But it’s not all about the usual suspects such as herbs, lettuces and tomatoes. Those with green thumbs are experimenting with growing more unusual edibles like quirky cucamelons, chickpeas and even, edamame. Seed swaps, community gardens and a thriving health industry are greatly driving this trend.