What is Flexural Strength?

Flexural strength is also referred to as ‘modulus of rupture’. It is a measure of a homogenous paver’s tensile strength. Under flexural strength testing, the material’s ability to resist failure when there is bending and a load applied is determined.

The load is applied at multiple points rather than in a single location. In this way, the entire centre half of the paver is subjected to the same maximum bending forces. Any local weakness such as a vein will be reflected in the flexural strength of the product.

The results of the flexural strength testing help inform how a paving product will handle heavy foot traffic over time. Homogenous tiles such as Technifirma® are well regarded for their consistent modulus of rupture due to their density and high tech innovation. This makes a product like Technifirma® to be well suited to high traffic environments such as pedestrian walkways and even driveways.

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Understanding a product’s flexural strength is important as it will determine its suitability for the individual application.