Leave the fuss indoors

Outdoor dining is best when it’s laid-back, unhurried and messy. Grazing platters of food laid out on generously sized tables, comfortable chairs you can sit on for hours and the open air offering a gentle breeze on a warm day.

We love the relaxed lunch that becomes dinner. The welcoming table where anyone can pull up a chair. The sun on our backs during an afternoon soirée and the evening gatherings under a starry night’s sky.

13 Ida Malt And Bremer 5
The ida deck chair and Bremer extension table is ideal for a large crowd

Be playful and low-key

Outdoor dining for us doesn’t have to be conventional. Mix and match your furniture to create your own unique setting. Use benches or stools for flexibility and to save space. Dine at bar bench, standing up or simply with a plate on your lap.

RB1020 0365
The modern Pelion bench and table setting makes space for plenty of guests
13 Amos And Bremer 3
The Amos chair is comfortable enough for long gatherings
SG RANDWICK GRIMM 08 03 2016  00172
Sit up at the barbecue bench on the Turon barstool | Secret Gardens of Sydney

Highlight natural accents

We choose to showcase natural materials and textures when dining outside. Raw timber tables, natural webbing and soft cushions in neutral colour tones. Natural linen napery, enamel plates stacked, cutlery in jars and a cluster of glasses; some will match, some will not. Outside not everything needs to be new, pristine and neatly arranged.

We don’t worry about the spills and the food that misses the plate. That’s the beauty of being outdoors where nothing is too serious or formal. Being in the natural environment grants you permission to be playful and unstructured.

13 Lennox Lifestyle 7 E1488427971556
Outdoor dining can be informal, relaxed and easy so you can spend more time enjoying the atmosphere.

Bring the outdoor vibe in

For when the sun goes down, rug up and settle in for those engaging conversations that extend late into the evening. And if the breeze becomes too cool, take the party indoors. Versatile outdoor furniture doesn’t need to be exclusively used outside. Instead, bring your relaxed vibe into your interior!

Ecco 4
Outdoor furniture can be enjoyed and work aesthetically too.

Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated setting to marry with your architecture or an informal collection that accommodates your lifestyle, you’ll find many options at Eco Outdoor.

151106 OutdoorEstablishments BayStMosman 0169
You’re bound to find a setting that suits your style | Outdoor Establisments

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