The brief for Popov Bass Architects was for the construction of a new single family dwelling that took advantage of the wide north facing site and potential views.

The architectural design results in a calm building that expresses itself neutrally within the landscape. The form is a simple composition of four off-form concrete walls with a metal vaulted-roof that lightly hovers above. A terracotta box containing the library rises above this vault to best command views of the harbour. A series of implied and formally defined spaces create an architectural promenade, which is enriched through the continuity between the exterior material palette and the building’s interior.

This promenade commences with an avenue of trees, directing views towards the rising form of the terracotta clad library, the off-form concrete entrance canopy and timber-lined entry vestibule paved with Cashmere architectural concrete pavers. Beyond the front door, a series of spaces are defined by changes in level below a ceiling vault. A curved timber wall directs the eye through wide openings of sliding glass toward panoramic views.

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