As winter approaches and those warm days start to come to an end, what better way to celebrate the changing seasons than with chocolate, squished between yankee crackers around the camp fire.

All you need :

A big bag of oversized mellows

Crackers (in the US they use Graham crackers but you could use digestives here)

A think block of chocolate to break up, think Greens Organic

A small outdoor camp fire

Small people

Then toast your marshmallows on the fire, when suitably toasty pop onto a biscuit, top with a piece of chocolate and another biscuit as your final layer. Wait a few seconds for the heat of the marshmallow to melt your chocolate, squash and eat. Delightful.

EcoOutdoor Wintertime Smores
Making wintertime smores in the natural surrounds of outdoors
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IMG 4946 E1435274404830