Gain an insight into what their most important factors are in choosing outdoor furniture to complete their spaces and see their favourite pieces from the Eco Outdoor range.

Designers share their favourite furniture pieces

Designers Alwill
Omni Daybed


Favourite Eco Outdoor furniture pieces

“I love the Omni daybed and Ord modular lounge,” says Romy. “The Omni has a lovely sculptural quality to it and great materiality and texture which is hard to achieve in outdoor pieces of furniture!.”

“The Ord I think is a great modular design that makes outdoor areas fun and flexible,” Romy explains.

It’s very casual and relaxed and a great versatile piece that can be added to!

Considerations when choosing outdoor furniture

Romy explains considering aesthetic, style, materials and durability are equally important, making selecting outdoor furniture tricky. “Durability is really key especially in Australia and of course aesthetic is going to play a large role. Eco Outdoor always seems to strike the balance!”

Alwill Architecture + Interiors is a boutique practice who specialise in tailored residential and commercial projects, offering a ‘personal’ service.  Alwill belies in having a strong concept, tailored to the individual client, which informs and responds to every aspect of design. From the bigger picture planning to the way one object sits next to another. Comfortable, effortless, refined luxury is what Alwill strives for. 


Designers Tommarkhenry 01
Barwon Easy Chair and Foot Stool

Favourite Eco Outdoor furniture pieces

“The Barwon Easy Chair is a versatile chair that is adaptable to many different environments and spaces”, shares Emma. “This is evident in the relaxed timber structure and woven seat and back that exudes comfort, flexibility and longevity.”

“The Tulloch Lounge Chair is sleek and sexy, there’s no other way to describe it! The strong and streamline form and shape of the chair framework allow the chair to dominate a space without being too overpowering”, explains Emma. “The plush upholstered seat pad and back softens the metal framework creating a unique balance between materials.”

Considerations when choosing outdoor furniture

“The very first thing that comes to mind is materiality. It is important for there to be a balance between strong, durable materials and soft, comfortable materials,” says Emma. Of equal importance is the ability to select different colours and factors to ensure that each piece becomes part of the space it is being used in.

Outdoor furniture should be adaptable to different environments.

Based in Sydney, Tom Mark Henry is a dynamic studio that is increasingly active in residential, commercial, retail, hospitality and workspace projects. Their team is passionate and expressive. They always take a genuine and original approach to their work and love to collaborate with clients, allowing their story to guide the design.


Designers Av Id 01 1
Bronte Dining Table


Favourite Eco Outdoor furniture pieces

“I love all the furniture at Eco Outdoor but there are certainly some pieces that are my favourites,” says Alice. “The Bronte dining table I love because it’s just a really beautifully resolved piece of design. I love its proportions, its materiality, versatility and that its tough and durable. The Bronte is modern yet timeless.”

“I also adore the Burleigh Day beds because you can create the look and feel of a high-end luxury resort in your own back yard. They are super comfortable and easy to use.”

A great piece of modern design that looks fantastic in any environment.

Considerations when choosing outdoor furniture

For Alice when looking for outdoor furniture she not only looks for beautiful design but functional and durable pieces that will last the test of time. “I want the spaces I design outdoor to be as life-enhancing as the interiors so I need the furniture to be comfortable and durable as well as beautiful, and I need to have a great range of fabrics and materials to choose from.”

Based in Melbourne, AV-ID is an interior designer and decoration practice that provides interior design services and advice to both residential and commercial clients. AV-ID believe a great interior comes from true collaboration with their clients. They love modern and timeless design and are not afraid to be bold and brave. AV-ID”s end goal is for a client to love the interiors they create, to marvel in its beauty and its functionality, and, to feel as though it truly represents who they are.


Designers Clairestevens 1
Nomah Lounge


Favourite Eco Outdoor furniture pieces

“I believe that an outdoor setting should be used and loved as much as an indoor room. In Queensland this is particularly true as we live so much of our lives outside,” says Claire. “So with this being said you cannot go past the Eco Outdoor Nomah Lounge.”

“The combination of the solid timber frame with the soft and unstructured cushions is a unique feature of this piece that really makes it a stand out piece. It combines a modern relaxed style with absolute comfort making it a perfect selection for the modern outdoor rooms that are becoming a staple in how we live and design our houses.”

Considerations when choosing outdoor furniture

“The importance of picking outdoor furniture pieces is a combination of what will work best in the space. Being an outdoor piece, durability is always key and understanding the environment where pieces will be kept,” explains Claire. “Knowing the quality that comes from the Eco outdoor pieces always gives you peace of mind.”

With the practical elements are out of the way, style and comfort are always the next key decision factors that we look for!

Claire Stevens Interior Design is a Brisbane based design studio that delivers unique and timeless projects that aim to better enhance the everyday. The team prides itself on their wealth of experience, expertise and emotive sensibility in all aspects of interior design and decoration.


Designers Clostudios
Ord Modular Lounge

Favourite Eco Outdoor furniture pieces

“The Ord lounge is one of our favourite outdoor pieces for its diversity!,” shares Chloe. “We love modular sofas as you can create so many different configurations. The blocky style and neutral colour make it a wonderful addition to nearly all outdoor entertaining areas.”

Considerations when choosing outdoor furniture

As CLO is based in Noosa, Queensland, durability/longevity is must as the weather conditions are so harsh.

Beyond aesthetics, it’s the quality and performance of pieces Chloe keeps at the forefront when selecting outdoor furniture to complete here spaces. “The weatherproof quick dry cushions are such a plus and perfect in Noosa, as we are always designing outdoor living spaces for our clients,”

Exuding substance and style, CLO Studios retail and Interior Design Studio have been brought to life by a talented mother and daughter duo, Trudy and Chloe Tozer. CLO Studios retail store is a sophisticated mix of styles designed to inspire and reflect the stunning Sunshine Coast environment. Multi-disciplinary Interior Design Studio arm of the business excels in achieving bespoke interiors that are sophisticated, refined and innovative, taking you on an incredibly enjoyable design journey.


Burleigh Daybed

Favourite Eco Outdoor furniture pieces

“There are actually quite a lot of Eco Outdoor pieces I love!,” says Georgina. “I love the Nomah range of lounges. As a set or on their own, the pieces have a relaxed sophistication that is completely aligned with our brand. They are comfortable, classic, and of a high quality.”

“We have specified the Bronte dining table over and over as it is exactly what we want in an outdoor table. Durable enough to withstand Australian conditions, and simple and refined enough to work with any outdoor environment.” Georgina also shares her love for the clean lines of the Burleigh Daybed and that the Omni Daybed is the ideal piece to bring the outside in.

Considerations when choosing outdoor furniture

“Form, Function, Quality and Style,” says Georgina. “We want our clients to invest in pieces that echo our design values, and pieces that will look great for years to come.”

We choose pieces that will withstand not only the Australian elements, but that will also stand the test of time aesthetically.

GJ Studio is a small and passionate practice based on the surf coast of Victoria in Lorne that is committed to producing quality private residences and retail design outcomes. Driven by the belief that considered design enhances wellbeing, GJ Studio aspires to create thoughtful, comfortable and sophisticated spaces that are tailored to the individual needs of their clients. The team work collaboratively to achieve desired outcomes and spaces that are experienced and felt.