A growing number of home buyers are placing a higher value on outdoor living and are looking to purchase homes with landscapes that meet their expectations.  No longer is the outdoor space a forgotten area; nowadays it’s just as important as the interior.

Here are seven key ways you can add value to your home’s outdoor space and make it appealing to prospective buyers.

Swimming Pool

'Kate's House' by Bower Architects. Photography: Shannon McGrath. More at www.bowerarchitecture.com.au/
‘Kate’s House’ by Bower Architects. Photography: Shannon McGrath.

If you have the room, a swimming pool is a great way to increase the value of your home. The trend, however, is to no longer make the pool a showpiece of the garden, instead to blend it in with the surrounding landscape and connecting it with the architecture. Install a bright blue resort style pool to make a statement, or use a darker interior finishes that create a more natural look.

Soft landscape

It’s easy to roll out some turf, but it doesn’t do much to create depth, height and interest. Investing in good quality plants that are suitable to your property’s climate and soil will be worthwhile. If you’re selling relatively soon after landscaping, consider a mixture of established and young plants to create impact.


A well-designed lighting plan not only creates ambience, it also emphasises the usability of your outdoor space. Great results can be made by integrating the lighting throughout the garden, rather than reserving it for just your entertaining areas.  In addition to your dining space, light up pathways, feature trees, the pool, and consider the type of fitting and the lamp for the effect you’re trying to achieve.

Quality finishes 

EcoOutdoor FL Porphyry Filetti 041
Eco Outdoor Porphyry Filetti

Installing quality finishes throughout your outdoor space will create a greater impression and will stand up better over time. Skipping out on quality products due to budget may save you initially but by the time you are ready to sell, it could impact your profit margin. Especially if you need to repair or reinstall the materials. Consider the suitability for your application and how durable the outdoor finish is before you make the decision.

Cooking amenities

Bluestone paving used bench top and flooring in outdoor kitchen
Outdoor kitchen with bluestone benchtop and flooring by Harrisons Landscaping

Incorporating cooking amenities into your outdoor area helps perspective purchasers buy into the lifestyle you’ve created. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend up big creating a fully equipped kitchen that rivals the one in your interior.  A simple barbecue in a floating stone bench can be just as effective, although amenities such as a sink, grill, pizza oven, and fridge would definitely wow buyers.

Eco-friendly features

Adding eco-friendly features through your outdoor space insinuates buyers can save money whilst enjoying all the amenities. A solar heated pool, irrigation that uses rainwater, green roofs are all ideas that can be highly attractive.

Style it

Malua 3.5 seat lounge and Malua lounge chair in outdoor fabric Basics in garden setting
Eco Outdoor Malua lounge finishes this garden space

A few old chairs, a rotting timber table and a rusty barbecue won’t help sell the outdoor lifestyle to home buyers. Add value by styling your outdoor space with the right furniture, an umbrella for shade, and pots to add interest.  If you have a pool, throw in a couple of fun pool toys to make it pop.