For us, coastal style is about kicking back in a classic deck chair while enjoying a summer refreshment. It’s where the smells of a barbecued feast waft through the air while you’re engaging in a lively conversation with friends. Days where a quiet read of a good book under a tree becomes a lazy afternoon siesta.

Living coastal is pleasurable regardless of whether you’re running after the kids on the beach, riding a wave or enjoying a cocktail on a warm, summer evening.

Copa Garden designed by Michael Cooke. MORE AT: WWW.MICHAELCOOKE.COM.AU

Coastal style homes house memories of weekend getaways and summer holiday where days are spent with friends and family outdoors. They’ve influenced the way design our everyday homes in the hope to capture a slice of uncomplicated living.

Connecting seamlessly with the outdoors is intergral to achieving the Australian Coastal Style.

At the heart of every coastal home is a seamless connection with the outdoors. Doors and windows open up to allow the summer sun to bathe the interior with light and the fresh air to breeze through.

There’s no longer a clear distinction between the interior and exterior finishes. Organic materials and natural textures of timber and stone flow from the inside out. The colour palettes are influenced by the surrounding vegetation and landscape to cement the architecture into the site.

Architecture Is Inviting and liveable with spaces open and edges softened.

Natural style beach house at dusk

The coastal home of Copacabana Clifftop is a perfect example of the Australian coastal style where a continuous connection is created between the architecture, interior, and landscape. Raw and natural materials are celebrated to achieve a simple, pare-back aesthetic while remaining true to the architecture’s contemporary design.

Sesame cobblestones line the driveway with a Barrimah traditional format retaining wall
Ocean views from kitchen and balcony area

This 1970’s home in the tree tops has been transformed by Annabelle Chapman Architects into a stylish, yet relaxed coastal home. The neutral colour palette and natural materials of oak and stone reference the Australian coastal style perfectly. The interior is kept simple and uncomplicated to allow for the surrounding beach-side aspect be the main event.

Modern residence with central pool area using Ravello travertine modular paving and coping units

With a strong emphasis on outdoor living, the dialogue between inside and out of this home is not just through the use of materials. Designed by BGD Architects, the home wraps around the exterior spaces ensuring a close connection to the outdoors, wherever you are within the home. The additional amenities of a pool, entertaining area and outdoor lounge, instantly transports you into summer vacation mode.

The Australian coastal style celebrates uncomplicated living outdoors. It’s about leaving the fuss and showy features behind and instead, getting back to the basics.