It’s difficult to capture this timeless beauty in the modern day, let alone in a foreign country. However the collaboration of this design team has resulted in a Californian home that combines the French old world flavour with modern living.

Architect Julian Cohen of ARC Design, interior designer Alison Davin of Jute, and landscape architect Mike Lucas of Lucas & Lucas channeled their creativity to design a home inspired by age-old farmhouses of the French countryside. On first inspection, it would be easy to mistake the new home for one that’s been residing on the vineyard property for many years.

The natural stone walls, rustic timber doors and neutral colour palette represent a classic, timeless style with little hint to contemporary design, just as the owners desired.

Interior designer Alison Davin says “It appears to be a very old house that was updated over the years.” Within the interior, the home owners wanted to continue this style throughout to the point they even plastered walls and refused to put in modern design fixtures like recessed lighting.

Although some contemporary elements were incorporated along the way to give the home a designed edge, such as the metal doors and windows. Clean lines meet organic textures, both showcasing the natural quality of the materials.

The earthy colour tones were purposfully selected so as not distract from the surrounding lush landscape.

The interior spaces accommodate casual and formal living, and are carefully appointed to maximise the stunning views of the vines and classic gardens. Outdoors the owners can enjoy all the amenities you would expect of a beautiful country homestead. A pool, relaxed seating and cooking facilities are incorporated into a open sided pavilion. Wander further around the European inspired garden and you’ll find a relaxing area huddled around a fire pit.

Furniture and materials aren’t chosen for their clean lines and polished finish. They all have character, patina, knots and dents, and are hard-wearing. This brings a unique and modest quality to the home and also gives a nod to the past.

The natural stone building is strong and commands attention, yet the designers have managed to maintain the classic, elegance we see so often in French architecture.