Surrounded by dense forest and expansive mountain views, this property of 8 acres greatly informed Carney Logan Burke Architects’ design of this home. The positioning of the house was integral to maximise the views of the meadows and distant peaks. Respecting the site, the architects designed the home to naturally appear as if it was an extension of the sloping forested hillside behind.

CLB Dusenbury RCR 1686

Roof forms taper and tilt to visually knit the complex into the site topography.

The layout ensured the connection to the landscape was strong.  Rather than opt for a standard form, the architects created a series of interconnected buildings which opened up to an elevated courtyard and the grassy meadow-like site.

CLB Dusenbury RCR 1773a

Materials were also integral to the home’s success and it’s dialogue with the landscape. Constructed of cedar, the home sits gracefully atop a natural stone wall which extends the entire way across the building’s horizontal plane. Sandstone paving of the same warm colour palette has been laid to create intimate courtyards, perfectly equipped for entertaining, and surround the tranquil pool. The oxidized steel roof and wall panelling ages gracefully picking up the tones from the forested area.

CLB Dusenbury RCR 0633a
CLB Dusenbury RCR 1390
CLB Dusenbury RCR 0951

Inside, every room enjoys its own unique view with expansive glass windows throughout, flooding the interior with light and warmth. Restraint has been shown with the interior design to allow for the artworks to be celebrated rather than compete with finishes and furnishings. Although comprised of a series of connected forms, the interior spaces flow seamlessly and everyroom has a unique relationship with the outdoor spaces.

CLB Dusenbury RCR 0537

The living area extends onto a covered porch that cantilevers about the grassed meadow. The sleeping quarters enjoy secluded views into an aspen grove canopy, and the library opens out onto a courtyard that nestles into the hillside.

“Here, an expressive, sheltering roof tilts up to capture natural light and rising views of the old growth pine forest”, says the architect.

CLB Dusenbury RCR 0363

This home is all about a series of connection forming between the client, architecture, interior, and landscape. It’s complex, yet restrained. Working with the typography, Carney Logan Burke Architects have managed to design a home that meets the client’s brief for a large home while blending naturally into the site.

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Interior design: Dusenbury Design

Photography: Matthew Millman