Whether you are in the industry, planning your dream home or simply an architecture enthusiasts, these 12 Australian architects will give you plenty to like. Each combines stunning images of finished projects, construction shots and personal insights into their architecture firm. Just a warning, you may find yourself getting lost in the world of Insta-feeds.

12 Australian Architects to Follow on Instagram

Peruse through the latest happenings of these influential Australian architects for endless inspiration…

1. Robson Rak Architects: @robsonrakarchitects

Australian Architects Instagram Robsonrakarchitects

This Melbourne based architecture and interior design firm lead by Kathryn Robson and Chris Rak has created a beautiful Instagram feed of interior and exterior photographs.

2. B.E architecture: @b.e_architecture

Australian Architects Instagram Bearchitecture

B.E architecture fills their feed with a mix of finished and in progress shots of their incredible spaces as well as models, drawings and firm news.

3. Tribe Studio: @tribestudio_

Australian Architects Instagram Tribestudio

Scroll through Tribe Studio’s Instagram feed and you’ll be met with raw and honest shots of their architectural projects and Hannah Tribe’s collection of door hardware ‘BIT PART’.

4. Clare Cousins: @clarecousins

Australian Architects Instagram Clarecousins

See life through architect Clare Cousins eyes by liking her Instagram page. Clare regularly posts updates of her firm’s work as well as inspiration from other architects, artists, travels and daily life.

5. Shaun Lockyer Architects: @shaunlockyer


The Australian lifestyle is celebrated throughout Shaun Lockyer’s Instagram feed. Follow him and you’ll be inspired by his love of form and materials.

6. Rob Mills Architects: @robmillsarchitects

Australian Architects Instagram Robmills

Rob Mills Architects showcase their extensive body of work as well as design inspiration throughout their Instagram feed.

7. Whiting Architects: @whitingarchitects

Australian Architects Instagram Whiting

Photos of architecture, product, furniture, materials palettes and drawings are regularly posted on Whiting Architect’s Instagram page.

8. John Wardle Architects: @johnwardlearchitects

Australian Architects Instagram Johnwardle

Join the 35K plus followers on John Wardle Architects feed to get up close and personal with what goes on behind the scenes in this well-known architecture firm.

9. Carr Design Group: @carrdesigngroup

Australian Architects Instagram Carrdesign

Follow the happenings of the award-winning Australian Architects, Carr Design and discover an array of residential and commercial projects.

10. MCK Architects: @mckarchitects

Australian Architects Instagram Mckarchitects

On their Instagram feed, Sydney based MCK Architects display a great selection of in-progress and finished shots of their architectural projects.

11. Bower Architecture: @bowerarchitecture

Australian Architects Instagram Bowerarchitecture

There’s a lot to like about Bower Architecture’s Instagram account which is filled with a range of onsite snaps, media coverage and professional shots of their residential projects.

12. Pleysier Perkins Architects: @pleysierperkins

Australian Architects Instagram Pleysierperkins

Pleysier Perkins Architects frequently showcase their Australian design style on Instagram. Follow and you’ll see a collection of images throughout the design process from conception to finished product.

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