We’re inspired by these ? versatile gardens. Not only are they well-designed and visually beautiful, they also accommodate active little people and their imaginations. Twisting paths, steps to climb and tracks to travel, these gardens offer hours of entertainment without compromising style.

Backyardplay 01 Dwell

Landscape designer Laura Cooper created a unique courtyard using round “pavers,” salvaged from a moribund eucalyptus tree. | Photo: Lisa Romerein for Dwell.

Backyardplay 02

We’re picturing endless hours of hide and seek in this award-wining garden designed by Jeffrey Carbo Landscape Architects. | Photo Rebecca A. O’Neal.

Backyardplay 03

Game of soccer anyone? Multiple terraces have been sculpted into the sloped terrain of this weekend retreat designed by Alex Hanazaki. | Photo: Yuri Seródio.

Backyardplay 04

The Monks Garden redesigned by Michael Van Valkenburgh was originally intended for contemplation, but we’re sure this snake like path would transform into a race track in no time! | Photo: Elizabeth Felicella.

Backyardplay 05

This entire home and garden serves as a playground for these two boys, yet there’s not a swing set in sight (there is a rope ladder though)! | Designed by Ground Landscape Architecture.

Backyardplay 06

Mirror, cascading steps and a little alcove make this garden designed by Lutsko Associates ideal for exploring.

Backyardplay 07

From story time to afternoon cocktails on the deck, this outdoor swing provides the perfect hang out for everyone. Designed by MJ | Architecture.

Backyardplay 08

Every kid, big and small, would like to scale the side of their house wouldn’t they? Austin Maynard Architects make it possible in this home. | Photo: Nic Granleese.

Backyardplay 10

Sculpted terraces and a natural hideout, Andrea Cochran has created an idyllic garden for a family of four. | Photo: Holly Stewart

Backyardplay 09

David Hocker has used organic stone pavers lead the way to this urban retreat in a playful fashion. | Photo: Gisela Borghi

Backyardplay 11