Take a look at our list of 10 influential interior designers working in and around LA.

10 influential interior designers working in LA


1. Studio Life/Style

Studio Lifestyle 02

Studio Life/Style is a multifaceted firm with founder Shannon Wollack and partnering principal designer Brittany Zwickl at the helm. Their portfolio consists of contemporary luxurious residential and commercial interiors that showcase a refined and considered palette of materials, colours, textures and furniture.



2. Jeff Andrews Design

Jeff Andrews 01

Bold, sophisticated and glamorous are some of the best terms to describe the work of LA-based designer Jeff Andrews. Creating liveable and personable homes that mix different styles and periods, the portfolio of Jeff Andrews is diverse and exciting. His body of work has also expanded into product design that compliments his design aesthetic.



3. Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wreastler Design 01

The multidisciplinary practice of Kelly Wearstler has an extensive collection of interior & architecture projects, furniture, textures, décor items and products to their name. The interiors of Kelly Wearstler are bold, lively and emotive with no two projects alike.



4. Form-Design Studio

Form Design Studio

Founded by Joshua Rose and Rafael Kalichstein off the back of a personal renovation, Form-Design Studio aims to create spaces that celebrate the relationship between form and function in a harmonious, cyclical and seamless way.

Form-Design Studio work on a range of projects in the field of residential and hospitality as well as create a collection of art, rugs and homewares.



5. Rodrigo Vargas Design

Rodrigo Vargas Design E1548810088256

Rodrigo Vargas Design is a firm well known for their diverse and sophisticated interiors, homes, hotels, restaurants and even university study halls. Their interiors embody a sense of opulence balanced with liveability.



6. Windsor Smith Home

Windows Smith 01

Founder of Windsor Smith Home, Windsor Smith aims to challenge conventional design to enhance the way families live within their homes. As a result, the portfolio of this interior design firm speaks of grounded glamour, sophistication and easy living. Alongside the beautiful interiors, you’ll find a selection of homewares and interior products reflecting the firm’s style.



7. Jamie Bush + Co.

Jamie Bush 01

Collaborating closely with some of the most respected architects in the industry, Jamie Bush + Co. are well regarded for their ability to design a space with one holistic vision. As a result, their interiors sit cohesively alongside the architecture, blurring the lines between décor and building.



8. Alexander Design

Alexander Design 01

Specializing in high-end residential, Alexander Design create visually pleasing and effortless, yet, functional interiors. The practice draws on influences from the home’s surroundings and the occupant’s lifestyle which results in bespoke interiors that tell a personal story.



9. Tim Clarke Design

Tim Clarke Design

Based in Santa Monica, California, the interiors of Tim Clarke Design capture the essence of calm, coastal living. Inspired by nature and the outdoor life, Tim Clarke Design’s homes are layered with texture, color tones and materials that reflect a natural palette and beach lifestyle.



10. Michael S Smith Inc.

Michael Smith

With a classic sensibility, Michael S Smith Inc. create interiors that reflect the lives and lifestyle of their occupants. The practice’s portfolio of projects showcase an unpretentious grandeur and celebrate objects, textiles and art in their true form.