Shoalhaven Adam Cornish

Our furniture is designed to grow with a space, amid all its changes and ages and experiences. So we work with designers who understand that, who have a strong connection to place and a deep comprehension of the environment. Our collaborations with talented designers result in collections that express and enable the best of the natural world.


Tom Fereday

Designer Tom Fereday grew up in London, studying sculpture and graphic design at the Wimbledon School of Art before moving to Australia to complete an honours in Industrial Design at the University of Technology Sydney. He has collaborated with brands including Louis Vuitton, Alessi, Stellarworks and Herman Miller, and exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Art Gallery of New South Wales.


Sibella Court

Sibella Court wears many hats. She’s a creative director, an interior and product designer, an author and a shop owner. She runs The Society Inc, a retail experience in Sydney showcasing her product range, collaborations and curiosities sourced from around the globe. In her 27 years in the industry, she has worked with Restoration Australia, and on hospitality projects including the Hotel Palisade, Bullo River Station, Mr Wong and Palmer & Co.

Shoalhaven Adam Cornish

Adam Cornish

Adam Cornish is a multidisciplinary designer. Working from his independent design studio in Melbourne, Adam creates honest, accessible products developed through research and exploration of a concept’s natural expression. Combining strong, simple design solutions with a palette of natural, tactile materials, Adam strives to craft individual products with visual and physical longevity.