Crazy Paving

With origins in Ancient Rome, Crazy Paving stone flooring offers an organic, fluid surface for use in internal and external spaces. The historical flooring method features stone pieces of irregular shapes, textures and colours, laid randomly to ensure a deeply unique aesthetic in every application. It’s perfect for the outdoors, but it adds organic texture and a powerful visual impact when used indoors as well.

The irregular shapes of Crazy Paving stone flooring allows for organic movement and is a perfect means to visually open a space, inside or out.

When Crazy Paving met terrazzo

We’ve taken the offcuts of two much-loved materials and reimagined them into an extraordinary new flooring surface called Insitu Terrazzo: think blown-up terrazzo in a freestyle Crazy Paving format.


How can it be used?

Insitu Terrazzo comes in highly irregular shapes and sizes, so you can freestyle your flooring layout and create an inimitable look for each project. This flooring format – available in Seyfert and Rillet – is flood-grouted with a smooth finished texture that’s ideal for internal environments.

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