Mano Bricks®

It’s time to rethink the brick. One of history’s most reliable and consistent materials, bricks are foundational architectural tools. But we’re taking it up a notch, with a range of signature elongated bricks in three raw materials: natural stone, terracotta and glass. Each Mano Brick passes through the hands of skilled artisans and is imprinted with uniquely imperfect textural markings that get better with age. Available in a Full Brick and a lighter, thinner Face option, Mano Bricks® push the boundaries of what’s possible, offering greater design flexibility. 

By rethinking the traditional brick, Mano Bricks expand the potential of an ancient material with a modern approach that celebrates uniqueness. 

Stacks of artistry – Glass Bricks by Tom Fereday

In a first-to-market collaboration with Tom Fereday, we’re celebrating long-lasting, miraculous glass with our Mano Glass Bricks range. Each brick – made of 70 per cent recycled glass and 30 per cent quartz sand – is cast by hand, resulting in raw, uniquely textured organic surfaces. Challenging the idea of what a wall can be, our Glass Bricks are an elegant and highly considered alternative to traditional brick materials.


Stacks of innovation – Face Bricks with character

Bricks and architecture go hand in hand, but their traditional format – heavy, full, one shape – has limitations. Our signature elongated Mano Bricks are available in the classic full format as well as a Face Brick: a thinner, lighter veneer-style brick that gives the appearance of a complete brick wall without the challenges of weight or restrictions. The result? Greater design flexibility, and an extension of what’s possible when it all stacks up.

Mano Cotto Bricks_Arrotato colourv3 1

Stacks of patina – Bricks that age gracefully

The individuality of each Eco Outdoor material is a result of hands-on craftsmanship, and our Mano Bricks are no exception. In reverence to the traditions of brickmaking, each Mano Brick is crafted by hand with raw materials. Our bricks are imprinted with uniquely imperfect textural markings that will only get better with time. Our Stone, Cotto and Glass Bricks are elongated in shape, an homage to the sophisticated and established format used in ancient Roman architecture (including the Colosseum). Our bricks are built to last a lifetime, too.

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